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Let It Grow / Historic Farmer’s Market

Shawn, Craig and I all applied for a collective grant to run a mural program with youth in Halifax on the Historic Farmer’s Market. We were successful and received a generous grant from the 4C’s Foundation. While Shawn and Craig were in New York, I worked on gathering together a group of kids to work with us. Since we’d done so much work with Inglis Elementary, we already knew a lot of kids there. I also went to Citadel High and found some people that seemed interested. We ended up with a really great group of kids ranging in age from 12-17. We got together a few times before we started painting to share food, hang out and plan. We ended up painting over three days and it came together really successfully. A HUGE Thank You to the 4C’s for making this possible! And to all who contributed: Nora and Kelly Featherstone, James and Chris Davy, Marlon Perez, Thanasi K., Bryson V., Carlos R., and Nick M.

Here are some process photos:



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Let It Grow / Halifax Farmer’s Market

Come out and see us every Saturday at the Old Halifax Farmer’s Market (in the Keith’s Brewery building). We are painting portraits of buskers and vendors on the walls of the old market al

most every week, so if you happen to be there look out for us! So far we have completed a violinist and a guitar player. We hope to have a new one every week, or at least every other week depending on how long they take.

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