Let It Grow / Historic Farmer’s Market

Shawn, Craig and I all applied for a collective grant to run a mural program with youth in Halifax on the Historic Farmer’s Market. We were successful and received a generous grant from the 4C’s Foundation. While Shawn and Craig were in New York, I worked on gathering together a group of kids to work with us. Since we’d done so much work with Inglis Elementary, we already knew a lot of kids there. I also went to Citadel High and found some people that seemed interested. We ended up with a really great group of kids ranging in age from 12-17. We got together a few times before we started painting to share food, hang out and plan. We ended up painting over three days and it came together really successfully. A HUGE Thank You to the 4C’s for making this possible! And to all who contributed: Nora and Kelly Featherstone, James and Chris Davy, Marlon Perez, Thanasi K., Bryson V., Carlos R., and Nick M.

Here are some process photos:



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2 responses to “Let It Grow / Historic Farmer’s Market

  1. Dope blog! I’m near Halifax in the UK!

    Check out my site: http://www.mon53.co.uk
    My Magazine: http://www.dirtcheapmag.com
    & Blog: http://www.dirtcheapmag.wordpress.com

  2. Sandy

    WOW! Great job everyone!!! I’ll look for this when I’m in Halifax next..

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